This documentation aims to provide developers with the resources required to integrate LightWare products into various platforms. You can browse by Platform, Product or Protocol to find articles regarding your specific platform/protocol/product combination.

Our Github contains all the source code for the samples presented in these documents:

Product manuals can be downloaded here: Product Documentation

Platform Integration

Code Samples

Straightforward code samples without platform integration information.

General Articles

  • SF40 Physical simulation towards obstacle avoidance in drones
  • LightWare Terminal Pixhawk (Ardupilot) Integration
  • SF02 UAV Landing Assistant
  • Grab some articles from DIYDrones

Protocol Specifications

  • Legacy I2C (SF11 Version??)
  • I2C (SF11 Version??)
  • Serial (Common)
  • Serial (SF30B/C)
  • USB Natural Language